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Prospects for export and domestic lighting a dawn

Developed industrial structure did not stop the pace of the mediation, a large number of labor-intensive industries to developing countries continues, making developed domestic industry was slightly different from the supply of land for Chinese lighting products abroad to create a certain market space.

Lighting Exports: In 2010 exports, for example, Zhongshan Lighting

For industrialized countries the task has been completed, the process of urbanization is slowing down, the consumer price index has entered the service sector, the demand for lighting products basically stable. In 2010, exports amounted to $ Zhongshan Lighting $ 1.348 billion, ranking the biggest this year, an increase of 37%. Zhongshan light and lamps mainly to Europe, America, the Middle East and ASEAN and other regions, the EU is the largest export market for lamps, Zhongshan, exports amounted to $ 325 million. U.S. market growth rate ranks first in four major export markets, exports to the U.S. last year, Zhongshan $ 300 million, an increase of up to 41.5%. Rapid growth in emerging markets, exports to Africa last fixture, the South American market to increase by 107.8% and 78.6% from behind the Russian market revival, growth rate as high as 72.3%.

In the category of export lamps, LED products increased three times more than last year, LED products exported approximately $ 42,923,000, an increase of 344%, indicating that the electric light and LED technology in lighting applications faster, replacing some of the demand for incandescent and energy-saving lamps . Currently, Zhongshan District has formed a nearly 20 billion annual export super large lighting manufacturers, some companies also gradually opened up to high-quality products such as high-end European and American markets, but most enterprises are mainly an OEM basis to participate in international division of labor. Thus, the entire lighting industry‘s export situation is showing an upward trend line. 2011 is not difficult to see the light fixture export enterprises.

Lighting Domestic: market prospect, especially LED home lighting

Most likely to be affected by domestic lighting market development should be the last two years of real estate regulation. In recent years, the rapid development of the real estate industry, led the industry with a chain decoration lighting booming. From 2008 after the general slowdown in growth momentum throughout the real estate industry or even decline, the lighting fixtures industry caused some impact, but China‘s urbanization and consumption structure of residents into the level plain near the pace will not stop the demand for lighting industry Space will continue to expand.

The added value from the product point of view, LED home lighting is still a high-end, while the amount from the market point of view, belong to the low-end. With the ability to enhance domestic consumption, Southwest, Northwest, Northeast and other places on modern lamp has a great demand for local consumers contemporary lighting has a lot of stress, which will promote the new light source lighting products, domestic lighting market Future prospects are very impressive. Especially in the direction of LED home lighting, LED home lighting current total is less than 5% of the domestic market.


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