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China lighting industry is facing new changes in the pattern or

changing industry landscape lighting companies have an effect on the survival of the state. At present, because the development of LED lighting, Chinese lighting industry again faced significant changes in industry structure critical period.

Three lighting industry, changes in the pattern

Market spawned the development of private enterprises. Lighting enterprises, especially lighting industry with less investment and quick, personalized products, and other characteristics, in the mid-1980s China from a planned economy to a market economy, a very short time attracted a large number of private capital into the lighting industry, rapid increase in the number of firms. In this process, the previous state lighting industry leading lighting companies gradually withdraw to the late 1990s, Chinese lighting industry base to private enterprises, state-owned enterprises depleted.

Market competition lead to enterprise integration. The rapid increase in the number of firms intensified market competition, enterprises in order to ensure competitiveness in the market, increased investment to expand the enterprise scale, integrating upstream and downstream resources, and strive to minimize production costs. If light mechanized enterprises to expand production capacity, lighting ballasts enterprise integration industries. During this period, many light companies and ballast manufacturers off, stop, and turn.

End-market demand change alters light companies and lighting companies in the market. Improvement of living standards has changed consumers‘ demand for lighting products, consumer understanding of the brand has changed, which led to changes in lighting business market position to further promote the lighting industry‘s upstream and downstream integration of resources. Many sources downstream enterprises to develop and start production of lamps, lighting up the development of enterprises, involved in light production. Early 80s of last century lighting "chicken and egg" debate die a natural death.

LED lighting development will change the lighting industry structure

Development of LED lighting is called a revolution in the lighting industry, lighting industry, its development is bound to have a significant impact on the pattern, then how will change the appearance of LED lighting industry pattern? Dou Linping that mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

Lighting industry. Lighting industry by lighting, electrical, lighting, materials, lampholder and other components, the traditional lighting of the composition of these components alone. The future of LED lighting products will be based on LED light-emitting properties and characteristics of the design and manufacture of its manifestations different from traditional lighting products. Industry structure will undergo a very big change, light companies, lighting companies will blend.

Standard system. China lighting standards with international standards, the implementation of the IEC standard system, is IECTC34, press the parts into TC34A, TC34B, TC34C, TC34D, respectively, corresponding to the light source, lamp holder, accessories, lighting, industrial pattern change with future , the existing standard system will also change.

Products and markets. LED lighting products with small size, high luminous efficiency, long life, easy to control, change and more features in the field of lighting huge space for development, but the current LED lighting products and did not play out the LED‘s characteristics, the basic is the traditional lighting products replica. Future products should give full play to the characteristics of LED easy to control, depending on LED lighting products for the electronics, the design, manufacture, application will work with the original lighting products are very different. Products will rely on features, stylish, differentiated win market by companies and distributors work closely to enhance service to win, manufacturing and marketing will be a major change.

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