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Achieve urban green lighting is a modern trend

Green lighting is conducive to the city‘s environmental protection. The early 1990s, urban advocate energy conservation environmental protection. Choose energy-efficient light sources and lamps is to achieve environmentally friendly core. Green lighting and supporting electrical and technology. Necessary to meet the energy requirements, but also to meet without prejudice to human health, does not affect the ecological environment, do not waste energy and other requirements, establish quality and efficient, affordable, safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and improve people‘s quality of life, improve work efficiency, protection physical and mental health of urban residents lighting environment.

Achieve urban green lighting, lighting design should attach great importance because it is the relationship to develop programs globally important factor. Design should follow the national road lighting design standards, the correct selection of lamps, luminaires, light from a reasonable allocation to ensure the quality of lighting and lighting control and distribution lines, poorly designed it is impossible to achieve a good green lighting requirements, but also must have a scientific and rational maintenance and management measures in order to achieve a green city street lighting.

Cities in the development of science in progress, in recent years a series of energy-efficient green lighting devices have been developed, the abolition of incandescent lighting in the street applicable. Only we have the people and the spirit of being highly responsible for urban development, entirely possible to achieve a green city street lighting, lighting engineering optimization, to build a scientific, environmental protection, harmonious street lighting system.

In summary, with the city lighting equipment continue to reform and innovation, to develop practical easy to operate technical standards, the whole society should vigorously promote the new concept of green lighting, green lighting to achieve the street, will enrich our nightlife add urban vitality, stimulating urban consumption, prosperity, the city‘s night economy. To promote the city to the international, modernization process. Practice the scientific concept of development for the employees to make contributions street.

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