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Solar lighting is the future development trend of lighting industry

Our country is energy consuming countries, energy consumption of coal, oil, natural gas, reserves of these materials is limited, non-renewable. And energy consumption while also emit carbon dioxide and sulfur oxides, lead to global warming and acid rain, destruction of the environment. Therefore, development and utilization of renewable energy has an important significance. The rapid development of solar lighting, which means covering almost the entire field of lighting. Market for solar lighting products, the growing demand for product quality requirements are also increasing.

Electronics industry analyst pointed out: 2012 Nianguang Asia exhibition a big bright spot is that new solar pavilion. This initiative conforms to the principle of the country‘s new energy strategy for China‘s new energy technology advancement and promotion of emerging lighting development of great significance.

Solar lighting is professional field called "silicon wafer surface PV modules." Since silicon wafers expensive, the initial solar energy is only used in aerospace career. With the development of solar photovoltaic technology and progress in the civilian aspects of the first application in the lighting fixture. In recent years, solar lighting products due to the dual advantages of green energy, solar garden lights, solar lawn lights and solar applications such as gradually scale.

Solar lights cost more than ordinary lamps must be high, if the project construction costs are included into the whole project, the two kinds of lamps in the initial investment cost is quite. Larger projects, general lighting construction costs higher than its initial investment in solar lighting. However, use of the longer, the more able to demonstrate the benefits of solar lamps. If the human and material resources into account, ordinary lamps ancillary costs and maintenance costs are high than the budget. In the subsequent usage charges, the more obvious advantages of solar lighting. At present, China‘s solar technology is still in its infancy, compared with foreign advanced level there is a gap.

It is reported that in recent years, the promotion of the advantages of solar energy has now been accepted by more and more people. As one of the series solar applications, solar lighting has been the focus of research and parties. Estimates, solar lighting in the next five years will have the opportunity to spread in the country, to become the future of lighting industry trends.

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